Clojure/core Roadshow Training 2012

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DURHAM, NC JUN 26 - 29

3 days of Clojure + 1 day of Datomic

Learn to program Clojure from experienced Clojure programmers


Alan Dipert

Alan is an active contributor to Clojure, and helps organize the annual Clojure-Conj. He has worked professionally on several commercial Clojure projects.

Brenton Ashworth

Brenton is a contributor to ClojureScript and the main instigator behind ClojureScript One, a project which is intended to help spread a passion for writing applications in ClojureScript. He has used Clojure in various ways to create several successful commercial web projects.

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Day of Datomic With

Stuart Halloway

Stuart is the author of Programming Clojure. He advises the Clojure/core team on matters of training and practical development with Clojure.

What will I learn?

How to program Clojure like the pros. This isn't a language reference course or bullet-list overview of Clojure. It's a hands-on programming course where you'll learn Clojure by actually writing Clojure code to solve many common problems.

  • clojure
  • clojurescript

Topics & Syllabus

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